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Fraunhofer is looking for a new Director for its Research Center AICOS in Porto / Portugal

Director Fraunhofer AICOS
Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication
Solutions in Porto / Portugal


The Director is specifically responsible for the long term scientific and economic strategy of the center and does have budget and personnel responsibilities. At the same time, like in all Fraunhofer research facilities, a close cooperation with the local university (Porto) ensures access to additional scientific excellence and young researchers. Thus, it is intended that the Director will also become an invited full time professor at the Faculty of Engineering of U. Porto (FEUP) upon positive evaluation of a joint panel. As an invited full time professor he/she is required 6 hours lecturing time per week and research supervision roles at FEUP, according to U. Porto and Portuguese regulations. He/she is also expected to assume the leadership or co-leadership of project research activities at FEUP in cooperation with Fraunhofer AICOS, other Fraunhofer Institutes and/or other organizations.

Fraunhofer is looking for a personality with international experience and an excellent scientific background referring to the topics mentioned above. A PhD from a renowned university in an ICT-related domain is mandatory. As a leader, the Director enjoys applying scientific knowledge to real world problems in order to create added-value for the clients of the research center. The candidate has been managing scientific groups in the past and ideally has already gained experience in the industry or a start-up company.


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As an employer, Fraunhofer AICOS offers a platform that enables its staff to develop the professional and personal skills needed to take positions of responsibility within our organization, and later on in other scientific institutions and industry.

Fraunhofer AICOS is always interested in receiving feedback from students, researchers and other support professionals interested in working in its research areas and related activities.


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