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In this section you will find the latest news and events related to Fraunhofer AICOS activities:

Latest News and Events


Technology developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS exhibited in Hannover Messe

The Internet of Things (IoT) gateway that has been developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS for Tekon Electronics (Bresimar Automação SA) will be exhibited in Hannover Messe. The world's leading industrial show occurs from 24th to 28th of April and the Tekon booth can be found at Hall 8, stand A20.


More than 1.000 cultural contents available in ACP countries

The project ACP Street Libraries – Culture For All, coordinated by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, has already collected 1.160 cultural contents that are available online in African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States’ countries.

Researchers debate Internet of Nano Things in Braga

The Internet of Things in Package (IoTiP) project was highlighted on the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) workshop. “Wafer-level modular architecture for IoT” was the topic presented by the researchers of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and NANIUM S.A., the two partners of the project. The IoNT workshop occurred on March 7th and 8th, in the INL, in Braga.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS signed a protocol with Ministry of Economy

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS signed a protocol with the Ministry of Economy, through the Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI), for the contribution on the INTERFACE Programme creation.


SV4D-MZ: Signature of Memorandum of Understanding initiates a new stage of development for the Digital Agenda of CPLP

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the partners of SV4D-MZ project.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS joins FIRST Solutions SA to improve diabetic retinopathy screening

The EyeFundusScope, an awarded project developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, will be a crucial component in a new project that aims to integrate and validate a mobile solution for the risk assessment of diabetic retinopathy.


First results of FallSensing will be presented in Coimbra

During the 1st Meeting FallSensing 2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will show the initial results of FallSensing, a system created to evaluate multiple fall risk factors and implement fall prevention exercise plans. The project has been developed in partnership with the Portuguese company Sensing Future Technologies and Coimbra Health School.


FhP AICOS promotes initiatives of technology and scientific knowledge transfer

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has been developing several Scientific and Technological Knowledge Transfer initiatives, known as Collective Transfer FhP. These actions promote the results of applied research projects and the contribution of these researches to the development of society.


Mozambique will receive the first pilot related to Sustainable Village for Development project

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will deploy a solution to provide Internet access in rural areas of developing countries, allowing to improve the quality of life of the communities and to reduce the Digital Divide.


Active@Home on Porto Canal

Active@Home was created to promote a healthy lifestyle. This challenging and fun interactive video game uses dance and Tai Chi elements to improve balance, strength and coordination. See the complete interview.



2635998 is the number of the first European patent that got granted to Fraunhofer Portugal, under the title ‘Mobile Device and Infrastructure System‘. ​The innovation that is covered by the patent is ULF-MC, a system for Ultra-Low Frequency Magnetic Communication.


ShopView: an Automated Solution for all hypermarkets

The advantages of ShopView for the retail market were presented on January 9, at Continente of Matosinhos, and will be presented in Austria during this month. The prototype is part of the ShopView2Market project, that developed an Automated Solution to Validate Shelf Layouts in Stores.


Can a smartphone assess the risk of falling while performing usual daily activities?

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has been developing a solution for the evaluation of fall risk factors on a daily basis: the Fall Risk App. The application allows to continuously assess the mobility of the users while they are performing their usual daily activities.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS applies Internet of Things into industrial environment

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will design and develop an industrial gateway for a development project led by Bresimar Automação.


ACP Street Libraries coordinated by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS benefits 20.000 children

The ACP Street Libraries – Culture for All project was created to preserve and to promote, digitally, the local culture of ACP countries – Africa, Caribbean and Pacific. Coordinated by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, the project was developed in four countries.


A “made in Portugal” technology for IoT growth

The current emerging Internet of Things (IoT) presents several challenges concerning time and costs associated with the development and production processes. Having this in mind, IoTiP (Internet of Things in Package), a new project promoted by NANIUM S.A. together with Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, addresses these problems by presenting a development ecosystem.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS develops new solution to extend physiotherapy at home

Together with PLUX – Wireless Biosignals SA, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS recently announced a new project that aims to develop a complement to the physiotherapy sessions performed at the clinics. Physio@Home proposes a technology based on smartphones or tablets and wearables.


Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2016 selects the best scientific ideas

An interface for 3D medical image manipulation and a robotic platform able to develop complex tasks in the marine environment are the winners of the 7th edition of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge. The Closing Event took place on October 26, with awards to the six finalists (three in each category).


Porto is a Reference Site for Healthy Ageing in the European Union

The Municipality of Porto is now a Reference Site under the initiative European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. Porto4Ageing, created to foster the debate on active and healthy aging in the metropolitan area of Porto, submitted the application to the European Union.


President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Portuguese Minister of Science visit Fraunhofer Portugal

The president of the largest applied research organization in Europe, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, visited this Wednesday (August 24), and for the first time, the Fraunhofer Portugal headquarters.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS develops high technology to optimize retailer’s product placement

It is called ShopView and it leverages computer-vision technology for retailers who want to gain a competitive edge in product placement auditing.  


"A day with Pandlets", the most recent white paper from Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

Pandlets are a development ecosystem, that relies on a novel architecture of embedded electronics for wireless devices, which can be used to build new solutions for Wearables and IoT. If you want to know how far Pandlets applications can go, imagine “A day with Pandlets”. 


Active@Home launched to prevent falls using traditional dances and Tai-Chi training

The consequences of a fall have a great impact on the person’s quality of life. In order to provide a solution to this growing concern, a consortium including Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS have launched Active@Home, a project based on exergames, dance and Tai Chi.


CordonGris launched to tackle elderly malnutrition in Europe

CordonGris is the name of the project which aims to develop an open and extensible ecosystem that involves the core entities of the food supply chains, in order to assist elderly people in improving the quality of their diets and managing their budget for shopping.


My-AHA fights frailty in old age


Under the coordination of the University of Turin, Fraunhofer AICOS joined a team of 16 European, Asian and Oceanian countries to start fighting age-related frailty, and therefore giving birth to the project my Active and Healthy Aging (my-AHA).



EyeFundusScope distinguished by Exame Informática

The Fraunhofer’s project EyeFundusScope received an honourable mention in the innovation category from Exame Informática. Organized annualy, the awards ’Os melhores do Portugal Tecnológico’, aim to distinguish people, enterprises and products that shape the country and the world in the technological area.


Promoting an active and healthy ageing in Porto

The city of Porto, Portugal, has a new consortium created to foster the debate on active and healthy aging in the metropolitan area of ​​Porto. Integrating different participants from Caregivers, to Industry, Academia and End users, Porto4Ageing gathers more than 80 organizations, among which is Fraunhofer AICOS.


Kick off meeting: symbiotic technology for societal efficiency gains

When thought of at a distance, many of today’s societal challenges stem from waste, inadequate use of resources, lack of integrated solutions and effort replication.


Pervasive daily monitoring: from smartphones to wearables

Smartphones have become essential devices in our everyday lives, therefore they are the perfect basis for pervasive movement monitoring, if they are carried close to our body, in a pocket or belt strap.


PIL excels once again at the Microsoft Indoor Location Competition

For the second year in a row, the Precise Indoor Location’ (PIL) stood out at the Microsoft Indoor Location Competition - the most renowned competition in the field. Among dozens of participants from industry and academia from all over the world, it was the Fraunhofer AICOS’ PIL solution that won the second place in the 2D Localization Category.


SmartBEAT - European project aims to detect problems of heart failure

With a continuous monitoring of the health conditions, through the use of a vest and a Smartphone app, it will be possible to detect problems of heart failure in an early stage. This is the goal of SmartBEAT, an AAL programme funded project, which involves ten European partners and is coordinated by the Portuguese research center Fraunhofer AICOS.


Reuters names Fraunhofer as one of the World's Most Innovative Research Institutions

Reuters names Fraunhofer among the top 3 of the publicly funded R&D institutions. Among the top three Fraunhofer is the institution that provides evidence for the strongest commercial impact due to its unique working model.


‘PIL’ solution on the run for the Microsoft Indoor Location Competition

After placing 3rd in the 2015 Microsoft Indoor Location Competition - the most renowned competition in the field - Fraunhofer AICOS will once again participate in the indoor positioning location competition. The contest takes place on the 10th and 11th of April, during the CPS Week 2016, which this year is held from the 11th to the 14th of April, in Vienna (Austria).



For about three years (2013-2016) a consortium of several organizations, of which Fraunhofer AICOS is part, has built a thematic network named E-NO FALLS with the goal of integrating and bringing together knowledge, experiences and best practices acquired at the European and International level in the area of fall prevention, intervention and safety. More recently, at the Falls Festival 2016, a poster of the E-No Falls has been awarded the best poster.


Bridging the gap between the academic and the professional worlds

Each year, since its foundation in 2008, Fraunhofer AICOS hosts and guides Master’s students during the development of their Master’s dissertation project, allowing the students to develop their work in a professional environment, oriented to the creation of practical solutions.


Portuguese Minister of Economy wants to strengthen the support to innovation

Within a visit to the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto (UPTEC) held on the 17th of February, the Portuguese Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, visited Fraunhofer Portugal.  



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