Governing Boards

Fraunhofer Portugal

Scientific Advisory Council

The Scientific Advisory Council members should be experts and individualities external to the association, and are nominated by the General Assembly.

The SAC should be composed by representatives of diverse scientific areas, economics and the public sector.

The SAC has the responsibility to evaluate and analyze on a regular basis the research activities of Fraunhofer Portugal and provide their view on those activities.

At the moment, the SAC is composed by the following members:

Alberto Souto
ANACOM - Portuguese Telecom Regulator

Alcino Lavrador
Portugal Telecom Inovação

António Murta
Pathena Investments

Joaquim José Borges Gouveia
Universidade de Aveiro

Luís Reis

Pedro Guedes de Oliveira
FEUP (University of Porto Engineering Faculty)

Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo
FEUP (University of Porto Engineering Faculty)

Vladimiro Feliz
CMP - Câmara Municipal do Porto (Porto Municipality)

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