Mechatronic Technician

Job Title: Mechatronic Technician

Job Ref: AWAM_Jobs_2022_02

Job Type: The successful candidate will be contracted as a support team member under a term employment contract (presential).

Job Salary: In accordance with the work experience and qualification of the candidate.

Job Location: Regia Douro Science Park, Vila Real, Portugal.


Job Description and Responsibilities:

The laboratory technician will join the Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM team in Vila Real and report to the Lab Manager. Your main mission is to ensure that AWAM's infrastructure is always technically operational, more specifically:

- Install and bring into operation existing and new equipment together with the scientific team.

- Support the scientific team operating laboratory equipment, detecting and troubleshooting malfunctions (e.g., electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical).

- Make adaptations to existing equipment (e.g., replacing/adding parts like pumps, valves, pipes, detectors, electric boards, (re)programming data acquisition, etc.) to comply with specific project and safety requirements.

- Organize, equip, and operate the mechanical workshop (e.g., managing stocks of consumables and semi-finished goods, handling tools, assembling new units, etc.) to support the scientific team.

- Request, supervise, and follow up on the maintenance of dedicated infrastructure (e.g., gas lines, compressed air, safety equipment, HVAC, etc.) provided by external service providers.

- Search and request quotations for parts (e.g., reservoirs, valves, piping, sensors, controllers, thermocouples, data acquisition boards, etc.) and equipment (e.g., pumps, compressors, chillers, analytical instruments, etc.).

- Support the scientific team in the specification, technical drawing (CAD 3D), construction and budgeting of new prototypes and pilot units.

- Proactively search for suppliers and request catalogues with solutions that might be of interest in future projects and share it with the scientific team.

- Interact with the Regia Douro Science Park to manage infrastructure-related issues under the supervision of the Lab Manager.

- Strong work ethic allowing to build trust with the network of suppliers, service providers and the science park ecosystem.

- Organise and manage a folder with the manuals and datasheets of equipment, chemicals, and other consumables.

- Update the inventory and label the equipment accordingly (including safety labelling, when applicable).

- Work in AWAM's laboratories at the science park and comply with safety procedures. Occasionally, perform fieldwork.


Personal Skills and Professional Experience:

- Previous experience (minimum 2 years) in an industrial environment (e.g., assembling/maintenance teams in technology providers or factories) is highly valued.

- Knowledge of water treatment technologies is an asset.

- Proven know-how in technical drawing, electricity, electronics, and automation.

- Basic knowledge of good laboratory practices.

- Experience in the operation of scientific equipment is an asset.

- Strong work ethic.

- Eagerness to learn and develop new competencies.

- Hands-on attitude, you enjoy practical work and having a fully functional and organized workshop.

- Fluent in English is essential.


Academic Qualifications:

Qualifications: Level 4 (12.º or equivalent) or Level 5 (diploma of higher educational) by the national qualifications framework, or bachelor’s degree in mechatronics, industrial maintenance, electronics and automation, or similar.


What we offer:

- Excellent work conditions.

- Participation in exciting projects with high economic impact.

- Being part of the team of one of the most renowned applied R&D institutions in the world.

- Adequate salary (depending on the professional experience and academic degree).

- Possibility to adhere to a private health insurance plan.


Application Process:

Applications are permanently open until the ideal candidate is selected. A first “cut-off” day to evaluate applications will be the 9th of September 2022.

The selected candidate is expected to start working in September/October 2022.

Applications shall be sent by email to and contain in one PDF file:

- CV – mandatory;

- Qualifications certificate and diploma supplement with transcripts – mandatory.

- Recommendation Letters are optional but also welcome.



The research activities in the scope of this job opportunity are planned to be developed within the framework of the projects:

- INICIO – Setup of research infrastructure for closed circles of water, nutrients and energy in Portuguese agriculture, with reference PINFRA04/72685/2020 (was NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-072685).

- VineandWinePT – Vine and Wine Portugal - Driving Sustainable Growth through Smart Innovation, with project ID RE-C05-i01.01.

- METHAREN – Innovative biomethane system integration boosting production while managing Renewable energies intermittency, with reference 101084288, Funded by Horizon Europe.