Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2022 | ON THE ROAD

Aiming to go closer to our audience - students, researchers, and universities – we have launched the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge ON THE ROAD.

Each year, the idea contest will have a different University as a host, where the closing event (October) will take place.

For being the Portuguese University with most awarded students/researchers in the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, University of Aveiro will be the host for 2022, the first year of the ON THE ROAD edition.


13th Edition's Kick-off


To kick-off the 13th edition of the idea contest, Fraunhofer Portugal is leading a roundtable* next Tuesday, 28th of June of 2022 (09:45 – 12:30), at Sala de Atos Académicos (University of Aveiro). The roundtable on "The role of technology for sustainability" brings to debate one of the most relevant topics, with experts in different areas.


download agenda in pdf [PT] 


University of Aveiro @ The Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge


Since the beginning, students from the University of Aveiro have applied and participated in the idea contest. In fact, sixteen students and researchers have made it to the final stage of the contest, conquering one (or more) of the three pole positions in the two categories: MSc and PhD, in a total of seven first places, five second, and three third places.


The Challenge finalists from UA


3rd Prize | Mario Salgado: Energy Systems and Climate Changes Course - “Development and implementation of devices for the conversion of agroresidues into energy and biochar in farmers cooperatives of the north Ecuadorian Amazon”



3rd Prize | Daniel Dinis: Doctoral Program in Telecommunications - "All-Digital Antenna Array Transmitter"



1st Prize | Vanessa Duarte: Doctoral Program in Physical Engineering - “Connecting the Unconnected: The New Era of Satellites”

2nd Prize | Ricardo Correia: PhD on Electrical Engineering - "Passive Backscatter Sensors for IoT Applications"



1st Prize | Nuno Almeida: PhD in Computer Engineering - "Multimodal Interaction: Contributions to Simplify Application Development"



3rd Prize | Marco Santos: PhD in Mechanical Engineering - "The new concept model is instrumented active orthopedic implants"



1st Prize | Sérgio Lopes: PhD in Electrical Engineering - “Bringing low-cost centimeter-level indoor positioning to conventional smartphones”

2nd Prize | Mário Vairinhos: PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms - “ATA – Adaptable Tangible Artifacts in Home Environment”



1st Prize | Samuel Silva: PhD in Informatics - “Left Ventricle Functional Analysis from Coronary CT Angiography”



1st Prize | Daniel Polónia: PhD in Electrotechnical Engineering - “Electronic marketplace for teleradiology services”

2nd Prize | Navin Kumar: PhD in Telecommunication - “Visible light communication systems for road safety applications”


1st Prize | Pedro Rolo: Mechanical Engineering Course - “Instrumented and adaptive electromagnetic generators: a new concept of harvesting”



2nd Prize | Carolina Gouveia: Integrated Master in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering - “Bio-Radar”  



2nd Prize | Bernardo Marques: Integrated Master degree in computer and telematics engineering - "Physiology assessment tool using Virtual Reality"



2nd Prize | Mafalda Rocha: Master in Design - “Eco-visualization in Design”



1st Prize | Ricardo Fernandes: MSc in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering - “Design of a battery-free wireless sensor node”