Core Values

Core Values and Competences

Fraunhofer AICOS core values and competences serve as guiding principles for the execution of its activity. We strive to achieve our purpose in accordance with these principles:



Market focus: Fraunhofer AICOS proactively “looks outside the windows” of its labs scanning the external environment for scientific advancements and emerging trends that open windows of opportunity for its customers’ businesses, by developing market-oriented, commercially successful, applied research solutions;



By leveraging technologies reaching its mass production stage, Fraunhofer AICOS is committed in developing useful and intuitive solutions that positively impact and effectively match the needs of its end-users, and as a result obtaining the recognition from its stakeholders as being able to create added value through technological innovation;



Fraunhofer AICOS values an ethical behaviour based on the honesty and sincerity of professional daily relations, which emerges from the respect for individual opinions subject to collective agreement and subsequent commitment to those agreements;


Socially Responsible:

Fraunhofer AICOS wishes to inspire and create a positive impact in society through its applied research, contributing to the improvement and sustainability of the quality of life of its citizens, offering its employees a sense of accomplishment by being part of an institution that is useful to its society;



Fraunhofer AICOS assumes a deeply positive attitude towards the challenges created by R&D activities, explicitly acknowledging that its activity is subject to diverse and evolving challenges, which can result in possible faults in terms of applied research options.


Therefore Fraunhofer AICOS attitude towards its activity is an open, team-oriented attitude, looking to maximize the benefit for all stakeholders involved, nevertheless assuming the risks inherent to this type of activity.