Mission Statement

Remarkable Technology, Easy to Use

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS mission is to generate ‘Remarkable Technology, Easy to Use’. By this we mean offering specialized competences centred on the improvement of end-user experience and usability of applications, generating applied research solutions capable of contributing to the market success of our client’s products and services.

This approach is translated into the following value proposition to our different stakeholder groups:



Enhance people’s living standards by offering them intuitive and useful technology solutions, capable of facilitating their access to Information and Communication Technologies;


Industry Partners:

Increase the innovation pace of its clients by focusing on providing commercially successful applied research services that contribute to their clients’ market success, increasing their overall international competitiveness;


Supporting Partners:

Assume a knowledge transfer role and contributing to an increasingly skilled work-force in Portugal, by offering university students the opportunity to carry out practical advanced training at its labs, by helping them develop a market-oriented approach to their applied research and the development of their skills in a “real-world” environment.