Welcome Message

Welcome to the home page of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS!

Our team is working hard to contribute with their skills and ideas to make a difference! Applied research to us is a promise: Creation of value for the users. Your current or future customers.

Our two focus areas, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Information and Communication Technologies for Developing (ICT4D) are addressing target groups with specific needs, that current mainstream Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions tend to ignore.

We strongly believe that a positive and understandable user experience is the key to make ICT a daily part of the live of aging and elderly people and that ICT and related services will be received as contribution to their state of well-being. We also believe that dedicated ICT solutions for developing countries are a key to a sustainable and self-generated empowerment of the people.

To serve the needs of this growing amount of users, that omitted widely the ‘PC-Age’ is a challenge that we investigate and that we are developing answers for. We are concentrating on the internet enabled capabilities of new devices and services, while we leverage on the existing experiences our target groups have with ‘old school’ ICT, like telephones and TV sets.

Related to this needs and the solutions that answer this demand is a fast growing market that we help our customers to address on time and target oriented.

To get a closer and more detailed look on our offer, please use our website, or contact us directly using the inquiries form.


Liliana Ferreira,

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Director