Deus ex Machina featured on Porto Canal

Porto Canal, a television news channel of northern Portugal, recently did a news story about DeM – Deus ex Machina, a project led by Fraunhofer Portugal.

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FhP-AICOS welcomes MSc students and encourages the next generation of researchers

Last Thursday FhP-AICOS’ Director, Liliana Ferreira, and the centre’s team welcomed 16 students, who will benefit from this opportunity and in turn enrich our work in research with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

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MDevNet network identifies key issues and opportunities in the technology-based medical devices industry

The first workshop of the MDevNet project took place last Friday, bringing together representatives of companies, R&D organizations and other stakeholders involved in the industry of technology-based medical devices. Altogether, more than 60 people gathered for lively discussions, presenting a wide spectrum of perspectives and experiences.

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CPS Week 2018: Fraunhofer Portugal hosts Machine Learning Competition

Fraunhofer Portugal’s Machine Learning Competition will be held at CPS Week 2018, on April 10th, in Porto. The challenge? To catch a criminal by evaluating biometrical gait information retrieved from a smartphone’s inertial sensor data, while using machine learning techniques.

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Women in applied research: from diversity flourishes innovation

In Portugal, more women are pursuing careers in STEM fields than ever before. A trend that has reflected itself in Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’ workforce, in which female representation has reached an all-time high.

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FhP-AICOS' competences at the service of Precision Agriculture

The widespread adoption of precision agriculture faces many challenges, namely high levels of complexity, poor human-interaction systems, and lack of integration with existing systems. FhP-AICOS has the competences needed to turn them into opportunities, closing knowledge gaps and contributing to higher adoption rates.

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Workshop examines the future of cooperation in precision agriculture and water management

Over 50 researchers, academics and industry representatives met on February 16th, at Fraunhofer Portugal's headquarters. As well as discussing the role of cooperation in precision agriculture and water management, they looked at the future of the sector in Portugal.

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Fraunhofer signs cooperation agreement to establish new research centre in Portugal

Fraunhofer Portugal participated in a ceremony held at CEiiA, in Porto, leading to the renewal of the cooperation agreement between Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the FCT, alongside with the creation of a new research centre focusing on the topics of smart agriculture and water management.

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Fraunhofer Portugal hosts workshop dedicated to ‘Precision Agriculture and Water Management’

On February 16th, Fraunhofer Portugal will be hosting several companies, R&D organizations, academia and other agro-industrial representatives for a workshop dedicated the future of the agricultural and water management sector in Portugal.

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