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2nd Meeting FallSensing

Save the Date: 19th to 20th October


User Testing at

Today and tomorrow COLABORAR' volunteers will test a gaming platform developed by a MSc student.


New project CLARE highlighted in 'Scientific Computing World'

Read the news story here.


Latest News



New project will use walking speed assessment for personalized interventions on
geriatric giants

A new concept of home-based exergaming will use walking speed assessment to generate tailor-made interventions to improve health in older adults. VITAAL is the name of this new project, based on FhP-AICOS’ background knowledge in movement sciences and inclusive design.



New technological solution will use FhP-AICOS’ µSmartScope for cervical cancer screening

FhP-AICOS’ extensive knowledge on image processing and machine learning applied to health care is now being leveraged to build a new solution to tackle cervical cancer, by making screening in low-resource areas easier and less costly.



Hardware Development Kits: Emerging Trends and Technologies for IoT

IoT hardware developer kits are designed for the rapid development of IoT solutions, but non-ICT-specialized industries moving towards IoT paradigm may find that these platforms are not tailored to their needs. FhP-AICOS researchers have analyzed a number of existing platforms, and wrote a report detailing their findings.


Rapid Prototyping

We help our partners create early prototypes of technology to enable quick decision making and technical verification. Rapid prototyping services at AICOS include software and hardware.

Innovation Studies

We offer custom-designed studies, analyses of the state of the art, and technology assessment. In order to tailor technology to users’ needs and demands, we also help our partners gain in-depth knowledge of their target groups.

Education and Training

As part of our catalogue of services, we offer technical and scientific workshops, as well as professional training, in order to increase capacity building within our partners’ and clients’ teams.


Applied research designed to bring value to businesses and society, connecting: PEOPLE, INTELLIGENCE, THINGS.