Porto Canal, a television news channel of northern Portugal, recently did a news story about DeM – Deus ex Machina, a project led by Fraunhofer Portugal.


The story focuses on the research being conducted by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) and its partners, and includes quotes by FhP-AICOS’ Director, Liliana Ferreira, and DeM's project manager, Filipe Sousa, which expertly sum up the focus of the project.

DeM was created as an initiative that aims to coordinate efforts to address the symbiotic relationship of humans with technology, and deal with challenges that stem from waste, inadequate use of resources, lack of integrated solutions and effort replication. As can be seen in this news story, it focuses on six main challenges: mind & behaviour; health & well-being, nutrition, agriculture, activity monitoring, and community tools & social inclusion.

The project’s partners are: FhP-AICOS, Centro ALGORITMI, 2C2T (Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia Têxtil), CPUP (Center for Psychology at University of Porto), CIDESD (Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health and Human Development), CITAB (Centro de Investigação e Tecnologias Agroambientais e Biológicas), and CINTESIS (Center for Health Technology and Services Research).