Active@Home – Social ExerGaming, Dancing and Tai Chi for Wellbeing and Fall Prevention


This project aims at developing a holistic solution, focusing on physical, cognitive and social aspects, to promote physical activity at home and foster fall prevention (and provide fall risk prediction), based on typical exergames, dance and Tai Chi.

The solution should feature a home entertainment system (frontend) designed for large screens (TVs), and support motion capturing through inertial sensors (either as individual devices or the ones integrated in the smartphones/smartwatches). A hardware abstraction layer should be implemented so that the solution can be scalable and not be tight to a specific set of sensors. The project also includes the development of a specially designed sensor featuring an IMU that can be attached to specific parts of the body to allow proper and accurate tracking of all body movements.

On the other hand, the solution should be supported by a backend that should not only be able to manage user profiles and store all game session data for further analysis, but also be able to manage models of new dances or Tai Chi movements, so that the frontend can validate the user movements against them, adding a new level of scalability to the solution.

The advent of social networks should not be neglected and the system should allow users to share results and therefore instigate healthy competition. Furthermore, group dancing (either locally or online) is a must-have, as it will nourish social interaction and integration and eventually reinforce adherence to the programme.

The socio-cultural component is also quite important, revolving around the traditional dances of each country. Older adults are keen on traditions and customs, and presenting them the possibility of learning and being challenged to perform new traditional dances adds a new motivational factor while stimulating the cognitive function. Also, the possibility of organizing community events, dance groups and competitions using this system will strengthen bonds with the community and contribute to a support network that will further help people living in their homes.


Dividat GmbH (coordinator); Comfort Keepers Portugal; ETH Zürich – Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich | Departement Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie; MIRALab SARL; Unie KBO – Unie van Katholieke Bonden van Ouderen.


FhP-AICOS will have the chance to follow the success of the Dance! Don’t Fall solution, as well as improve current ExerGames platform, namely in what it takes to providing support to new frontend technology based on HDMI dongles, which greatly simplifies system setup, designing new or improving DSP algorithms for motion tracking / movement recognition and expanding/improving the sensor hardware abstraction layer. There may be also the opportunity to develop a wearable sensor featuring a 9-DOF IMU, based on the FhP-AICOS Pandlets technology.

Status: Active.

Download: Active@Home Brochure



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