Industry Research Contract

EnAware – Domestic Energy Awareness

The rising costs of energy and the increasing consumer awareness with regards to their ecological footprint, poses new challenges to industry. Especially in a domestic context, consumers demand energy efficient products and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated and which are easy to use. Moreover, the slow, but steady, introduction of the Smart Grid requires more intelligent domestic devices to enable Demand Side Management / Demand Response scenarios.

The EnAware project addresses these challenges by developing an ecosystem of smart devices that are orchestrated by a home server. By allying the capabilities of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with Home Automation and domestic Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), this project aims to innovate the way in which residential consumption data is presented and analysed in order to improve user comfort and, at the same time, motivate sustainable changes of behaviour.

The EnAware system is composed of four main components: A household smartmeter provided by EFACEC, Zigbee-enabled smart-plugs and panels provided by EFAPEL, a Zigbee-enabled heatpump provided by Bosch, and the HomeServer developed and provided by Fraunhofer AICOS. The HomeServer is fully modular, being the main service developed using the OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) specification, and is able to interact with all the equipment, collect and report consumptions, define and execute schedules, create and execute scenes, define goals, etc. The HomeServer is also able to run pluggable data analysis engines that provide data aggregation for faster query response times, consumer behaviour analysis, energy efficiency rating, etc., and provides a comprehensive and intuitive web portal that raises energy consumption awareness.

Status: Finished.

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