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CMosquitoII - Companion Drones for Retail

DActivPR - Daily Activity Patterns Recognition

inMOTION - Motion Compatibility and Adaptive Filtering for Indoor Localization  

KneeRecovery - Rehabilitation Exercises for Knee Recovery at Home

MICH - Measure Impedance in Congestive Heart Failure Patients

ML4Malaria – Statistical Comparison of Different Machine-Learning Approaches for Malaria Parasites Detection in Microscopic Images

mSkinColorCalib – Computer vision based-system for color calibration of mobile acquired skin lesion images

rePlano - Reversing ShopView analysis for planogram creation




3DArm – Inertial sensor-based 3D upper limb motion tracking and trajectories reconstruction

ADaFE – Adaptive Data Collection Front-End

BPOL – Battery Performance Optimisation Library

CervCancerScreening – Cervical Cancer Automated Screening Module

ChagasEarlyDetection – Early Detection of Chagas Disease on Blood Stream

CWSEFS – Cotton Wool Spots in Eye Fundus Scope

DPT – Digital Personal Trainer

EasyIoT – Easy Peripherals for the Internet of Things

LFDetection – Lynphatic Filiariasis Detection

MICH – Measuring Impedance in Congestive Heart Failure

SHRAM – Smart Heart Rate and Activity Measurement

SmartMedBoxes – Monitoring of medication boxes using wireless sensors

SmarTrans – Smartphone Based Transportation Mode Detection







AlzSense - Environment-Aware System for Alzheimer’s Patients

DepSigns - Depression Signs Detection through Smartphone Usage Data Analysis

EDIS - Efficient Database Image Search

GestureMetrics - Optimizing the interpretation of FUSAMI data for usability analysis

GSenses - Smartphone serious games for senses evaluation

ICT4Dgui - Graphical User Interface recommendations for ICT4D

MagRef4PIL - Magnetic Reference for Accurate Indoor Tracking

MicroStage - Motorized microscope stage for smartphone

MoverGami - Gamification on Users Daily Activities

PersonalFinancesApp - Personal finances mobile application for seniors

QuadAALper2 - The Ambient Assisted Living Quadcopter (Phase II)

SleepDiary - Sensor based sleep patterns and nocturnal activity analysis

SmartCueing - Smartphone Based Closed-Loop Auditory Cueing System

SmartNS - Smartphone Noise Suppression

SunPet - Real-time Sun Exposure Monitorization using Smartphones

TouchSense - Complement the touch information given by the smartphone's capacitive screens with the information received by the accelerometer and gyroscope




Android-based implementation of Eulerian Video Magnification for vital signs monitoring

Assisted Coding Technologies for International Classification of Diseases

Behavioral Analytics for Medical Decision Support: Supporting dementia diagnosis through outlier detection

Effective Scheduling of Energy Consumption in Smart Grids

Generic and Parameterizable Service for Remote Configuration of Mobile Phones Using Near Field Communication

Human-Computer Interaction via Brainwaves for Disabled People

Improving geolocation by combining GPS with Image Analysis

Interoperable Assistive Technologies

Multi Person Tracking in Real-time Video Streams

ParkDetect - Early Diagnosing Parkinson's disease

Personal Medication Advisor

PhysicTV - Motion-based physical rehabilitation games for the Google-TV

QuadAALper - Adapting Quadcopters to Real-Life AAL Application

Sensors on Mobile Devices for AAL

Smartphone Based Fall Prevention Exercises

Smartphone based Human Activity Prediction

Smartphone Based Tele-Rehabilitation

Smartphone Gesture Learning

STAlz: remotely supporting the diagnosis, tracking and rehabilitation of patients with Alzheimer's

User-Driven Design, Development and Evaluation of a Tablet-Based Cognitive Gaming Platform for Seniors

Visual Prototyping Tool for Android and iOS

Visualization of Complex Data – The case study of FUSAMI





Adapting Mobile Devices for Seniors Usage - an Autonomic Management Approach

ANT+ Medical Health Kit for Older Adults

Creating Mobile Gesture-based Interaction Design Patterns for Older Adults: a study of tap and swipe gestures with Portuguese seniors

Data Mining and Visualization of Android Usage Data

Evaluation, Redesign and Implementation of a System to Support Early Dementia Contexts

Information Extraction from Medication Leaflets

KINTERACT – Gesture Recognition for Natural Interaction with Applications

PHAR – Android Augmented Reality Using a Handheld Projector

Phone Based Sit-Stand-Sit Movement Analysis

PostboxWeb – An Offline-capable Framework for Web Data Storage and Sync for Shared Devices

Rich VoiceXML Browser and Voice- and Mobile Web based CMS

Run-time Management of Energy Efficiency on Industrial Scenarios - An Autonomic Computing Approach

User Interface Design Recommendations for Fitting Smartphone Applications to Persons with Parkinson




AAL Home Display

A Mobile Phone Navigator for Older Adults

Development of a Remote Management Troubleshooting Platform and Self-Healing Algorithms

Development of Services and Applications for STBs in AAL environments

Doctor Router

Health Monitoring of Elderly Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions in the Home Environment

HTML5-based Mobile Video Surveillance

HTML5 for Desktop and Mobile Devices

The Mobile Phone as a Platform to Share Personal Life-stories for Older Adults

Phone-Based Fall Risk Prediction

Phone-Based Heart and Lung Function Monitor for Elderly People

Platform Independent Usage Mining Framework

Tabletops as a Gaming Development Platform for Older Adults

The Android Tablet  as a Game Development Platform

The Tabletop as a Game Development Platform

The Use of Tablets as a Gaming Platform for Older Adults




Automatic Photo Collection

Email Visualization


Healthcare TV-Based User Interfaces for Older Adults

Location-Based Services for Everyone

Open LBS Application Platform

Optimized Trash Collection Routes

Personal Health Channel




Content Blaster


Virtual PVR