Range of Services

Fraunhofer AICOS will focus on providing three different types of services to industrial customers that will also be rendered under public funded project participations:

Contract R&D

R&D Consulting

Living Labs

Furthermore, Fraunhofer AICOS will strive to build a reputation of excellence along different service dimensions and competences that are considered to be the most valued by our customers:



The ability to consistently deliver according to expected results, based in the accurate definition of project objectives and systematic reporting of intermediate results, leading to subsequent customer satisfaction;


Response time:

The ability to quickly find solutions to costumer problems, offering shorter project timelines and on-time delivery of results;



The ability to adjust to new requirements during a running project;



The ability to access an expert knowledge base via the FhG network of institutes;



The ability to offer lower relative R&D costs to clients, by offering specialized services that if developed in-house, would be more time consuming and expensive;



The ability to offer clients confidence, reliability and trustworthiness derived from FhG’s governance and its superior reputation resulting from decades of successful R&D experience;



The ability to find creative solutions to customer problems through collaboration and constant interaction with clients, by combining Fraunhofer AICOS and clients’ expertise and resources in the creation of customized solutions.