Research Areas

Information Processing

The recent advances in information technology triggered an exponential growth of information. The type of information ranges from simple sensor events, over natural language to complex multimedia content. Different technologies have emerged recently to cope with the vast amount of information, which can be subsumed under the term Information Processing. Within this particular scientific area, Fraunhofer AICOS focuses its research in the following topics:


Context Awareness

A system that is equipped with several kind of sensors and network connections and that makes use of all this information in order to better meet the current user requirements is called Context Aware. For instance, a modern smartphone is aware of its location through its GPS sensors. Combined with information from a public Internet resource like Wikipedia, the smart phone can present the useful information about his current location.


Content Retrieval

The goal of Content Retrieval is to find the right information for a given context. A popular example for Content Retrieval systems are modern Internet search engines, which focus on the retrieval of documents. Of course, the retrieved information is not limited to simple text. For instance, a smartphone application, which searches all of the users’ personal images for a given feature, is a good example for the retrieval of complex content.


Multimodal Information Fusion

Multimodal Information Fusion combines and processes data from different sources, in order to extract valuable information. In Fraunhofer AICOS we use these methods for instance to analyze the sensors output from modern smartphones to detect falls or predict the risk of falling. Another example is our Fraunhofer Usage Mining (Fusami) tool, which collects usage data from smartphone applications, and applies various data mining algorithms to the data, in order to enable our scientist to get a better understanding of the user interaction.