Team of Experts

Fraunhofer AICOS is constantly seeking to improve its team of experts!


We are currently planning to increase our team related to activity monitoring with a special focus on precise location systems.

Can you provide outstanding skills and proven experience in one or more of the following areas?

  • Working knowledge on inertial navigation algorithms;
  • Experience in processing inertial and position sensors data;
  • Advanced signal processing skills (sensor fusion, Kalman filter, Complementary filter, etc.);
  • Working knowledge on bio-mechanics and kinematics;
  • Programming languages such as Java/Python are also a plus.

Being one of our top priority tasks, our team with more than 80 members is constantly seeking to develop world class technologies.  

If you see yourself in this dynamic environment, provide us with some convincing information of why we need you.

Fraunhofer Portugal recognizes the decisive impact that its staff has on the organization’s performance.


Jobs and Career

As an employer, Fraunhofer Portugal offers its staff the opportunity to develop the professional and personal skills that will allow them to take up positions of responsibility within its research centers.

For more detailed information about jobs and career opportunities within Fraunhofer Portugal’s research centers, click here.


Excellence in Research

Students who choose to work on projects in Fraunhofer Portugal research centers have excellent prospects of starting and developing a career in industry by virtue of the practical training and experience they have acquired. For more detailed information about research grants and project opportunities within Fraunhofer Portugal’s research centers, click here.


Knowledge Transfer

The knowledge and skills acquired by the members of staff will also enable them to later take up positions of responsibility outside Fraunhofer Portugal. This “knowledge transfer” – the dissemination of technological know-how through individual persons – is one of the major roles of Fraunhofer Portugal’s research centers.