Governing Boards

General Assembly

The General Assembly is responsible for appointing the members of the various Governing Boards. It also formulates decisions concerning the establishment, the incorporation or devolution, the merger and dissolution of research entities belonging to Fraunhofer Portugal and decisions concerning amendments to its Statutes.

The General Assembly is composed by representatives of Fraunhofer Portugal’s founding and ordinary associates. The founding associates nominate the President (nominated by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) and Vice-President (nominated by CCILA) of the General Assembly. Ordinary associates are natural persons or legal entities who wish to support the work of Fraunhofer Portugal. Honorary members may also be appointed from among the research staff and patrons of Fraunhofer Portugal in recognition for outstanding services to the organization. At the moment Fraunhofer Portugal doesn’t have any ordinary or honorary associates.

Currently, the President of the General Assembly is Lorenz Kaiser.