Research Establishments

Research Establishments in Portugal

Fraunhofer Portugal operates at the moment one research center – Fraunhofer AICOS – located in Porto, Portugal’s second largest urban area with 1.210.700 habitants, and the fifth largest urban area of the Iberian Peninsula.

Thanks to the cooperation agreement with the University of Porto, Fraunhofer Portugal is located in the UPTEC building.

The University of Porto (UP) is the largest university in Portugal and one of the most prestigious scientific education and research institution in the country. With 3 campuses housing 14 faculties, totaling 72 research units, the University has nearly 28.000 students and 2.300 teaching staff.


Fraunhofer AICOS

Fraunhofer AICOS is the first operating research center of Fraunhofer Portugal. For more detailed information about its purpose and activities, please click here.