Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2012 - End of First Phase

The applications submission period for the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2012 ended on the 31st July, and once again students and researchers from all over Portugal submitted their ideas of “Practical Utility”.

The Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, already in its 3rd edition, is an idea contest promoted by Fraunhofer AICOS with the objective of motivating and rewarding research of practical utility, through the attribution of a scientific prize to MSc/PhD students and researchers from Portuguese Universities in the areas of ICT, Multimedia and other related Sciences.

The Challenge consists in awarding the best ideas based in graduation thesis that were developed having “Research of Practical Utility” in mind. By this we mean ideas based on thesis concepts that clearly demonstrate a concern with the direct applicability of its results in Industry.

The Challenge Jury was quite impressed by the quality and market potential of the submitted ideas, and is now evaluating them until the end of August. After that, a few applications will be selected to go through to the 2nd phase.

The 3rd and last phase of the Challenge consists of a public presentation, by the selected candidates, of their ideas to the Jury and a Panel of Experts, which will happen at 25th October, in the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge closing event.

The submitted ideas to this 2012 propose practical solutions for essential areas of our society, such as energy, health, education, environment, transports and communications.

The previous editions of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, in 2010 and 2011, provided excellent results and revealed some ideas with great market potential, such as:


- The creation of an electronic tele radiography market which would allow for better, faster and cheaper access to radiology services (2011)

- A small wireless communication device that works without the need of a battery, gathering energy from electromagnetic waves (2011);

- An artificial intelligence system who can replace humans, with better results, in the analysis and management of financial products (2011);

- A smartphone application that’s able to rapidly forecast the position of a forest fire (2011);

- A new model to access medical information by health professionals, guaranteeing more security and flexibility (2010);

- A system for tourists, based on small physical objects which can interact with digital information (2010).


Source: 21.08.2012, Fraunhofer Portugal