Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2021 – “Innovative Technologies for Sustainability”



Innovative ideas that can give rise to technological solutions with practical utility and an impact on society. This is the focus of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, an idea contest organized since 2010 with the aim of awarding the best ideas, based on MSc and PhD theses, carried out in Portuguese universities.

In this 12th edition, the competition will award innovative, technology-based ideas, with a sustainable vision for everyone's future. The importance of sustainable production and consumption, process sustainability, capacity building for early warning and health risk reduction, and universal and equitable access to drinking water are urgent challenges. Science and technology are the main allies of the candidates for the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge in seeking contributions to these challenges. Applications are open and running until the 31st of July.

Under the theme "Innovative Technologies for Sustainability", this year the CHALLENGE is to apply with exceptional proposes which may contribute to speed up a sustainable future!

The Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge is an idea contest, promoted by Fraunhofer Portugal, with the objective of motivating and rewarding research of practical utility, through the attribution of a scientific prize to MSc and PhD students and researchers from Portuguese Universities.

The Challenge consists of awarding the best ideas based on graduation theses that were developed having ‘Research of Practical Utility’ in mind. By this we mean ideas based on theses' concepts that clearly demonstrate a concern with the direct applicability of its results in industry and markets.


All the information, including terms and conditions, is available at the official website –