About AHEAD Portugal


Technology Transfer Program!


AHEAD Portugal is a technology transfer, entrepreneurship & innovation program especially designed at and for Fraunhofer. It is tailored to challenge and promote complementary teams, establish actionable roadmaps, nurture pitching skills and intensively expose teams and tech to a broad external stakeholders’ network.

AHEAD Portugal aims at translating world-class technology into successful start-ups and take innovative ideas to market, by incubating spin-offs and concluding licensing agreements based on Fraunhofer technologies. It will expose external entrepreneurs to the potential developed by Fraunhofer Portugal specialists, leading to the foundation of start-ups.



AHEAD Portugal will:


> Foster an entrepreneurial thinking and start-up culture;

> Translate FhP researchers’ high potential technology to commercial availability; 

> Take full advantage of FhP‘s IP portfolio; 

> Promote return on investment from technology transfer; 

> Nurture cooperative networks to embrace the future innovation needs of the market; 

> Create conditions to maintenance of the country’s economy by transferring research into economic value-added.



Who is it for?


> Fraunhofer Employees who want to embrace an entrepreneurial project; 

> Entrepreneurs who want to partner with highly driven teams and be part of high-end technology based start-ups;

> Expert Mentors who want to support the translation of world-class technology into successful start-ups;

> Investors who are prone to bet on early stage start-ups.



Phases 2021


AHEAD Portugal was designed specially to target the Portuguese technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem and it will support the teams along the entire tech transfer process, connecting them to a broad enriching and inspiring stakeholder network.



18 to 21 January

For all teams, two will be selected in the end by a jury.



17 to 19 February

Only for the two selected Teams on the Bootcamp.



03/03, 24/03, 14/04, 05/05, 26/05, 16/06, 07/07, 28/07, 08/09, 29/09, 20/10, 10/11, 02/12 

Moments for mentoring, training, pitching, contact with relevant stakeholders and answering any needs the teams might have.


AHEAD Portugal 2020/2021 Brochure