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Benjamin Junior

Investment Manager at SONAE IM


“Programs like AHEAD play an important role in highly scientifically gifted staff; allowing them to gain additional sensitivity to the market and the opportunities / challenges it presents. Only in this way will we generate disruption, evolve and become a more efficient and capable society.”



Nuno Afonso

Managing Partner at Apogee Ventures and CEO at FASTinov


“AHEAD Portugal from Fraunhofer has been an extremely important initiative to bring knowledge from world-class R&D to the healthcare needs of today. It has been a pleasure to participate as a mentor and help the teams bring innovation to current healthcare hurdles.”


Otito Dosumu

Digital and Deep Tech Project Manager at Building Global Innovators


"It's very rare to meet super smart and humble people, but the teams I was privileged to mentor in the AHEAD program at Fraunhofer Portugal Venture were both super smart and humble and consequently coachable. I am very confident about their innovations and their capacity to disrupt their respective industry. Also the mentorship process was transparent and very effective. I loved every minute of it, and looking forward to mentoring more teams in the future."



Sofia Santos

Partner at Faber


“At AHEAD I have witnessed passion, purpose, and meaningful technologies, which are crucial factors for kickstarting entrepreneurial careers. But more importantly, I saw a fully supportive community with a collaborative mindset vouching and helping researchers become founders.”




Freddie Med








Portugal Ventures


Promptly Health


The European VC