Gender Equality Plan

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development presents a blueprint for peace and prosperity, identifying Gender Equality as an integral part of global development, both as an individual goal and as the foundation to achieve the remaining 16 goals. 

In line with this, the European Commission introduces Gender Equality Plans (GEP) as a new eligibility criterion to access the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2021-2027.

In the past few months, Fraunhofer Portugal has been developing its Gender Equality Plan in an effort to become Fit for Equality. Since its beginning in 2008, Fraunhofer Portugal has always welcomed and recognized the invaluable benefits that diversity brings. For that reason, we see this plan as an opportunity to further commit to nurture all talent, giving everyone the right context to thrive in their career. As a research institution shaping the future through applied research with practical utility, we also recognize the need to have a trustworthy representation of the public we are working for, from the conceptual stage to the end-result, creating solutions that are more robust and complete. 


Here is an overview of our key findings:



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