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Fraunhofer Portugal


The Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research (Fraunhofer Portugal), is a non-profit private association founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organisation for applied research in Europe.


A Driving Force in Innovation


Fraunhofer Portugal aims on the creation of scientific knowledge capable of generating added value to its clients and partners, exploring technology innovations oriented towards economic growth, the social well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of its end-users.


Research of Practical Utility


Fraunhofer Portugal promotes and coordinates the cooperation between its research centers, other research institutions and Industry partners, with the objective of undertaking applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprises and of wide benefit to society.


Fraunhofer Portugal Latest News


Portuguese-German Parliamentary group of the Deutsche Bundestag visits Fraunhofer Portugal




The University of Debrecen visits Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS on an exploratory trip for new research partners


Technology and sustainability hand in hand in the final of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2022


“Think Technology. Design the Future.”


13th edition of the Challenge keeps focusing on technology (but with an impact on sustainability).

Happening in our R&D centres


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS / 13.4.2023

Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry 4.0: "It is an added value, both on a personal level and for the company"


Recently, two studies have been carried out at the premises of partner Plastaze using Glarvision, a software application for process digitalization that includes AR. 


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS / 27.2.2023

FhP-AICOS instals sensing units’ prototypes


These deployments happened as part of the mobilizing project "City Catalyst - Catalyst for sustainable cities" which aims to investigate and develop new products, processes, and services with high potential, contributing to an integrated urban management, efficient and innovation-catalysing.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS / 13.1.2023

Industry 4.0: Pilot with 15 workers kicks-off in a clothing manufacturer


For two weeks, 15 workers from a clothing manufacturer took part in a pilot aimed at collecting data throughout their working day. The technology used was developed by FhP-AICOS as part of a study that intends to support and encourage the industry in the digital transformation process.


Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS / 10.1.2023

Honourable Mention awarded to technology developed by FhP-AICOS


The Award Inovação Tecnológica Engenheiro Jaime Filipe distinguishes the work that contributes the most to improving the quality of life of People with Disabilities.