Success Cases from AHEAD Germany

AHEAD Portugal is inspired on the German example – the AHEAD program – which is part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s universe of initiatives and over the past few years it has been an important tool for the promotion of scientific entrepreneurship among Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s researchers and collaborators. 

AHEAD Portugal will benefit from this sharing and knowledge acquired over the years, as the German program gathers the expertise of having supported over 500 high-tech spin-offs & pushed over 200 ventures through their previous incubation system.

Check out the next few examples of AHEAD Germany’s success cases. If you want to know more about the German program you can visit their website and also meet the AHEAD Germany Team.


Spin-off project from Fraunhofer IPA



A new form of Ballet Shoes. Our product combines the tradition of Ballet with modern technology. With our patented design, the shoe will be the most innovative available on the market. The shoes provide the freedom to the Ballerina to express herself, and the stability to do so without the fear of a career-ending injury.


Spin-off project from Fraunhofer EMI



ConstellR provides high-resolution temperature maps and related data products of our planet with sub-daily updates. These constitute the basis for actionable insights in a number of applications, including irrigation management, crop yield forecasting, environmental protection, pandemic and urban monitoring.


Spin-off project from RWTH Aachen



A roving consisting of filaments with a glass core and a thermoplastic sheath forming a fiber-reinforced plastic that can be used for the direct production of composites. FibreCoat achieves higher impregnation, higher fiber volume fraction and shorter processing at significantly lower costs.


Spin-off project from Fraunhofer ISE und KIT



Greenventory is a software-as-a-service solution for automated mapping and analysis of customized energy systems. Therefore, a large number of data sources are joined, evaluated and used to build a building-ready data base for the energy system. Based on this, options for action can be evaluated transparently and future development paths can be explored. The main customer group are energy suppliers, network operators and the real estate industry.


Spin-off project from Fraunhofer IPA



Merlin is a software that helps laboratories to digitize complex workflows in a cost-efficient way by providing an integrated process development environment. Merlin enables the iterative design, prospective scheduling, and consistent documentation of discrete biotechnological processes. Our software integrates with 3rd-party tools, like electronic laboratory notebooks, via modern software interfaces.


Spin-off project from Fraunhofer IIS



IndLoc is a location system which supports the picking process in production and logistic. With the help of a wearable mistakes are detected and correct procedures are automatically acknowledged. Its high robustness towards the environment, the unnecessity of visual contact, as well as the passivity of wearables allows the use in rough industrial environment.


Spin-off project from Fraunhofer ICT



We aim to develop a small scale plastic extruder system (output ca. 200kg/day) to support and improve decentralized and informal plastic recycling structures in countries of the global south. The core of the concept is the simplification of the system's usability by developing 'presets' for each type of plastic that controls the relevant parameters of the extruder. Another feature is a database that receives relevant data input from each extruder.


Spin-off project from Helmholtz



Novel multi-source & multi-scale digital mapping and monitoring of workflows using innovative imaging sensors fitted to multiple platforms (i.e. drones) combined with artificial intelligence and computer vision. TheiaX’s core business provides a cost-efficient, rapid, non-invasive and significantly improved decision-making tool to the exploration and mining industry.