Job Openings

Scientific Positions




> Hardware Lab Assistant | CT Team (Job Ref.: AICOS_Jobs_2023_09) | Porto, Portugal

> Computer Vision Researcher | Intelligent Systems Team (Job Ref.: AICOS_Jobs_2023_15) | Porto, Portugal

> Machine Learning Researcher | Intelligent Systems Team (Job Ref.: AICOS_Jobs_2023_16) | Porto, Portugal

> Research Coordinator | R&D Team (Job Ref.: AWAM_Jobs_2023_06) | Évora, Portugal (with possibility to hybrid work)

> Scientist | Research & Development Team (Job Ref.: AWAM_Jobs_2023_08) | Vila Real, Portugal

The scientific positions are directly related to our research and development activities. We are constantly interested to get in touch with highly qualified scientists and developers for the following topics:

> Intelligent Systems | Computer Vision; Machine Learning for time series segmentation, classification and forecasting; Natural Language Processing; Deep learning; Machine Learning Operations.

> Human-Centred Design | Interaction design; Communication design; Industrial design; Service design; Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Social and health sciences applied to interaction design, HCI or medical informatics, e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology.

> Connected Things | Embedded Electronics; Communication & Networks; Edge & Cloud Computing; Quality Assurance & Regulatory Pre-Compliance.

> Sustainable Agricultural Production | Recovery of nutrients (N, P, …) from agricultural and industrial media, soil monitoring, treatment of irrigation water, process optimization in wine, olive oil or dairy production, horticulture and bioeconomy.

> Water Treatment | Membrane-based nano- and ultrafiltration, advanced oxidation treatment, process combination and UV-assisted approaches, lab-scale and pilot-scale testing, trace substances monitoring for treatment optimization and AI-based pollution prediction.

> Bioenergy | Biodigestion, bioethanol production, gas separation and biogas upgrading, membrane reactors, energetic process analysis and optimization.


Please contact us by sending a spontaneous application with Resume and Cover Letter to the email

Support Positions




> Purchase and Procurement Assistant | Support Team (Job Ref.: FhP_Jobs_2023_02) | Porto, Portugal

> Research Funding Manager | Job Ref.: AICOS_Jobs_2023_12 | Porto, Portugal

> Intellectual Property Commercialisation Manager | Business Development Team (Job Ref.: AICOS_Jobs_2023_14) | Porto, Portugal

> Técnico de mecatrónica / eletromecânico | Support Team (Job Ref.: AWAM_Jobs_2023_07) | Vila Real, Portugal


These are other positions that support our research and development activities. Please contact us by sending a spontaneous application with Resume and Cover Letter to the email, if you can provide excellent academic and professional qualifications in the areas addressed below:

> Support Positions | Finance & Accounting; Information Technology; Administrative & Executive Secretary; Human Resources; Business Development; Design & Communication.