Fraunhofer Portugal and ON.2 sign financing contract for the Relocation Project



The “Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research” and “ON.2 – Autoridadede Gestão do Programa Operacional Regional do Norte” have signed a contract, at the 1st June 2010, which contemplates the details of the QREN financing for the construction of Fraunhofer Portugal future headquarters.

This Operation is designated “Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research – Infra-estrutura física e equipamentos” and its costs will be financed in 70% by ERDF – the European Regional Development Fund, being the other 30% financed by national sources.

The new Fraunhofer Portugal premises will be located at “Asprela”, in the UPTEC building. It is expected that the Associação will definitely move to its future offices in May 2011, concluding the Relocation Project.