Time-lapse Video of Fraunhofer Portugal’s Relocation Project

Fraunhofer Portugal has recently completed its ‘Relocation Project’, and has now changed from its temporary offices in the Campo Alegre University Campus to the new permanent offices in the UPTEC building of the Asprela University Campus.

This video shows a brief time-lapse of the building space and interiors being remodeled as well as the relocation process of all materials and equipment to the new offices.

Fraunhofer Portugal occupies now an area of approximately 1.300 m2, transformed into open space areas with meeting rooms, private offices, leisure areas, technical areas and research laboratories designed to its specific activities.

Fraunhofer Portugal’s ‘Relocation Project’ was co-financed by ERDF and attributed by the ‘ON.2 – O Novo Norte’ (Programa Operacional Regional do Norte 2007-2013) entity of QREN.


Source: 08.07.2011, Fraunhofer Portugal