Portuguese Minister of Economy wants to strengthen the support to innovation



Within a visit to the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto (UPTEC) held on the 17th of February, the Portuguese Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, visited Fraunhofer Portugal. A team of researchers, led by the senior researcher Liliana Ferreira, hosted the governmental committee.

The activities, projects, partnerships, and core focus of Fraunhofer Portugal were presented.

In his visit to the UPTEC, the Minister of Economy referred that innovation "is an area in which we want to strengthen the support". "We want to put more resources and funds to support the 'start-ups' and the technology centers" added Manuel Caldeira Cabral. The minister also mentioned that the aim of the Government is to "give incentives to mobilize the Portuguese knowledge and turn it into a competitive factor" in the Portuguese industry.