Mobilizing Agendas boost knowledge production and technology transfer in Portugal



On the 23rd of June, Prime Minister António Costa and the Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, presented at Porto Business School the «PRR Programs - Mobilizing Agendas for Entrepreneurial Innovation».

For the Prime Minister, this recovery plan, already approved by the European Commission, "responds to the most repeated and traditional complaints of companies", from the reduction of context costs, capitalization and training of human resources. "It also responds to the needs that companies have to make an investment effort to decarbonize themselves and take advantage of the full potential of the digital transition," he added.

The panel of invited speakers to this launch session included Liliana Ferreira (President of the Executive Board of Fraunhofer Portugal), Isabel Furtado (CEO of Grupo TMG), José Manuel Fernandes (Frezite) and José Manuel Mendonça (Chairman of the Board of Directors of INESC TEC). During the session, the importance of training for the path that Portugal will take in the coming years was reinforced – namely in upskilling and reskilling – and in the digital transformation of organizations.

The Mobilizing Agendas for Entrepreneurial Innovation, which include the so-called Green Agendas, aim to consolidate and expand synergies between the business fabric and the scientific and technological system in Portugal, contributing to increasing the competitiveness and resilience of the Portuguese economy, based on R&D, innovation and diversification and specialization of the productive structure. By 2030, these Agendas should effectively contribute to increasing exports of goods and services, increasing investment in R&D and reducing CO2 emissions.

The Recovery and Resilience Plan has a budget of around one billion euros for the Mobilizing Agendas for Entrepreneurial Innovation and combines the production of knowledge and the transfer of technology and innovation to companies, which will have direct support of 4,5 billion.