Portuguese-German Parliamentary group of the Deutsche Bundestag visits Fraunhofer Portugal



On the 14th of April, FhP-AICOS was happy to receive at its premises in Porto the members of the board of the German-Portuguese parliamentary group of the Deutsche Bundestag.

During the visit, the group had the opportunity to learn about Fraunhofer Portugal and its two research centres – FhP-AICOS and FhP-AWAM – but also to learn more about the work FhP-AICOS is doing to contribute to a more Accountable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence as well as the importance of a Human-Centred approach in the Digital Transformation in industry.

Regarding Digital Transformation in industry, FhP-AICOS researchers presented their view on this domain that focus mainly on the mental and physical well-being of the Operator 4.0. Furthermore, Accountable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence is a topic that FhP-AICOS has been pushing forward through their flagship projects that address data privacy, AI explainability, algorithms’ robustness and certification of Artificial Intelligence.

The visit included the presence of Timo Schisanowski, Catarina dos Santos-Wintz, Beate Müller-Gemmeke, Friedhelm Boginski and Christian Görke as representatives of the different parties of the parliamentary group as well as representatives of the German Embassy in Portugal.