Fraunhofer Portugal Tech Transfer Awards



Distinguish R&D projects developed by R&D institutions, in cooperation with companies, which contribute to a positive impact in the quality of life of citizens and companies’ competitiveness; that are based on research of practical utility and apply or promote best practices of knowledge transfer in the area of ICT.




R&D Co-promotion Projects (“Projetos de I&D em Co-promoção”) of the North region of Portugal, funded by COMPETE 2020, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with approved project end date until March of 2019, involving R&D in the area of Information and Communication Technologies, in which the citizens are the direct beneficiary of the product or service in development.




Prizes will be awarded to the R&D institutions of the winning projects, as the following:

> 1st prize – 6500€

> 2nd prize – 3000€

> 3rd prize – 1400€

The monetary prizes are intended to support the technology transfer activities of the winning projects.


Evaluation Criteria


a) R&D methodology encompassing validation of the technology adoption with end-users;

b) Validation of real market need;

c) Impact on the quality of life of the citizens;

d) Intellectual property management strategy;

e) Executed technology transfer activities (e.g. technology licenses, spin-offs, R&D consulting);

f) Accessibility of products or services which integrate the project’s R&D results (e.g. products or services made available to the end-users).


Key Dates


> 08/Apr/2019: end of the projects submission period*;

> 09/Apr/2019: announcement of the Finalist Projects;

> 12/Apr/2019: public presentation by the Finalist Projects, and Awards ceremony.


*- The R&D institutions of all eligible projects will be directly invited to submit their application with at least two weeks notice.


Submission Instructions


1. Prepare a PowerPoint/PDF presentation (10 minute presentation), in English, using the provided Presentation Template, following the guidelines therein contained;

2. Prepare an Abstract of the Project (one page maximum), further exploring the project presented in the PowerPoint/PDF, the scientific concept behind it, how it benefits the citizens, and its activities towards promoting or realizing technology transfer, using the provided Abstract Template and following the guidelines therein contained, and

3. Prepare and send an email with the subject [Fraunhofer Portugal Tech Transfer Awards Application] to the address, with the following attached documentation:

a) Information of the Project, R&D institution and the person(s) that will represent them in the Contest Event (12th April), for which the Participant Information Form must be used;

b) the PowerPoint/PDF presentation specified in point 1 above (keep file size below 8Mb);

c) the Abstract specified in point 2 above;

4. Verify that you receive an email of confirmation of your application.


Terms and Conditions


Download here.


Contest Event Details


Date and Time:
12 April 2019, at 9h30

Fraunhofer Portugal
Rua Alfredo Allen, 455/461
4200-135 Porto